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What is the Christians In Career Transition (CICT) Ministry?

We are an Ecumenical support ministry that began at St. Matthew Church in Charlotte, NC during March 1997. Since that time, we have helped hundreds of people to understand and successfully put into practice those methods and procedures for finding and accepting employment.  People who come to St. Matthew’s Christians in Career Transition have lost their jobs, or are working in a job that does not or soon will not provide a family supporting income and benefits.  

Mission: To provide guidance for those out of work or about to be out of work who attend the CICT meetings regardless of their faith, for the purpose of helping them find employment. This is accomplished by discussing issues encountered by job seekers, recommending actions and providing advice based on experience, critiquing résumés, providing articles and reference publications, fostering work group interchanges, discussing networking and interviewing techniques, suggesting people with whom they can network, directing job seekers to employ various tips and methods to aid their search, and distributing job leads and postings.

The CICT ministry provides their services free of charge. Your obligation to CICT is very simple. We ask that when you get that new job, you let the facilitator / counselors know your status, help others find a position of employment by being a network contact, and advising us of positions that you know are available.

There are numerous other groups in the Greater Charlotte community that provide support, and job seekers are encouraged to visit them. However, we ask all job seekers to keep us informed of their status.

Meeting start at 7:00PM and end at 9:00PM; Individual networking between 9 and 9:30PM

Our next meeting is Monday, September 17th, 2018, 7:00 PM. in Room 132 of the New Life Center building, St. Matthew Church on Ballantyne Common Pkwy., between Rea Rd. and Elm La.   

What are your major issues encountered while searching for suitable employment?:   starting a business; haven’t worked in years; changing field of work; transitioning from military service; difficulty networking; no response to resumes sent; consider yourself too old; etc.?

Please come to the meeting with issues you’re facing and questions.   You’ll get answers.

Take Notes




While You Wait for the Next CICT Meeting: Contact 1 or 2 CICT Counselors to Discuss Your Issues & Potential Solutions for You


Helpful dialogue is encouraged at every meeting. These are your meetings.

Come to the CICT meeting with your questions and concerns on any topic.

Take Notes.  Improve Your Search!  LET US HELP SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS

* (Have suggestions for Discussions, please email them to Jack Rueckel, and put -CICT Discussion Suggestions- in the Subject line.)

   (If you have landed a job and / or if you wish to have your name removed from the CICT distribution, please let me know.)

Have a Super Week.  Jack Rueckel





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